Martin Garrix, along with U2 members Bono and The Edge, create the UEFA Euro 2020 anthem.

Bono and The Edge, vocalist and guitarist of the band U2, respectively, join their talents with the Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix, for the mix of We are the people we've been waiting for, the official theme of the Eurocopa de la tournament. UEFA.

There is very little left for the ball to roll for the national teams classified for the final phase of Euro 2020 -this is still called even though it is held in 2021-, which with a one-year delay due to the pandemic, will be held between June 11 and July 11.

The remix will premiere on the DJ's 25th birthday, that is, on May 14 and not only that, he is the official artist of this year's Euro Cup. According to the English tabloid The Sun, the musicians are currently in London recording the video of the theme of the soccer tournament, to be held next June. “Martin loves soccer so this opportunity was huge for him, so he aimed for the highest when looking for collaborators.

“He has spent months and months working on this song to make it perfect and once Bono and The Edge were on board, it reached new heights. “They have spoken quite a few times and are in London right now working on the video. They are eager to publish it so that everyone hears it very soon, ”revealed the insider.


Red, David Guetta and Zara Larsson or Nelly Furtado are some artists who have created anthems for UEFA.

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